Who is responsible for this??

The primary developer is Mahelyk (Kyle Ham), but there are a few who have volunteered to help. Whether it is helping to write, do the voice acting, or donating a few assets or art pieces, SCP: Blackout would not be growing into what it is without them.


Voicing Dr. Millar, illustrator

Contact: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVolgun

Jory Stultz

Voicing 80% of the other roles and SCPs

“31 yo American who sounds like an old jaded British man. Hi dad! “

Contact: Instagram at jory_stultz

SCP Illustrated

Voicing Dr. Illu

"Your average British guy who spends his day drawing creepy creatures, drinking tea and posting Dr Bright tweets."


Dr. Cimmerian

Writer and editor for the new SCPs

"I'm Jeremiah Cimmerian, and I've got over 100 articles on the SCP wiki. I also run a youtube channel where I help people learn how to write for the wiki, talk about SCP lore, and more. Check it out!"



Playing Dr. Pendium

”The Stupendium is a London based musician, animator, voice actor and content creator, creating weird and usually incredibly nerdy songs and animations. He has some pretty decent videos, wonderful facial hair and a great sense of discomfort describing himself in the third person.”


Tasch Ritter

Voice for TAS, the governing AI and PA system

“Small and buff, with the vocal chords of a 65-year old woman. Hobbies include voicing computers and throwing axes."



Dawn Drake

Voicing Dr. Good

“GemoDawn from SCPReadings”

Contact: GemoDawn@hotmail.com

Elliot Morgan

Made desktop backgrounds and art for the website

“You can put any quote, it’ll be fine.”

Contact: Discord - “background noise#7929”