Who is responsible for this??

The primary developer is Mahelyk (Kyle Ham), but there are quite a few who have volunteered to help. Whether it is helping to write, do the voice acting, or donating a few asset or art pieces, SCP: Blackout would not be growing into what it is without them.


Voicing Dr. Millar, illustrator

Contact: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVolgun

Jory Stultz

Voicing SCP-ZZZZ (The plant)

“31yo American who sounds like an old jaded British man. Hi dad! “

Contact: Instagram at jory_stultz

Dawn Drake

Voicing Dr. Good

“GemoDawn from SCPReadings”

Contact: GemoDawn@hotmail.com

Elliot Morgan

Made desktop backgrounds and art for the website

“You can put any quote, it’ll be fine.”

Contact: Discord - “background noise#7929”