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Quick Facts

  • Publisher: None

  • Developer: Kyle Ham (AKA Mahelyk)

  • Launch Date: Early Access August 9th, 2019

  • Price: $19.99

  • Platforms: PC (Vive, Oculus, normal desktop), (possible port to console)

  • Contact:

    • Kyle Frost (AKA Mahelyk)



  • SCP: Blackout is a Desktop/VR game coming out on Steam. It is a surreal horror game with a Story Mode with a branching narrative, and a Survival Mode for fast paced horror. Each choice you make effects the facility and playthrough, leading to many different possible endings.


  • VR (Vive and Oculus) AND normal desktop.

  • An immersive horror atmosphere

  • Branching narrative with semi-rouge-like features to ensure every play through is different.

  • Different story lines resulting in eight different endings.

  • Choices that impact the game world itself, rewarding or punishing the player for their actions.

  • Multiple SCP monsters to learn and evade (Over 10 and still adding more).

  • Different back stories on SCPs to collect and learn about through written, audio, and computer logs.

  • Secondary story arcs and mysteries to uncover about the site, the true motives of Dr. Slate and Dr. Millar, and more.

  • Two different gamemodes. The fast paced survival mode, similar to SCP: Containment Breach, and the full Storymode.