If you like what we have done, please consider buying the game and trying it out for yourself.


Donate and/or Buy

Buy the game and enjoy the thrills of going through a whole new SCP adventure with more endings and fun. We have Patreon for ongoing support of this game, and content and games to come. We also have PayPal for a single buy or donation.

Note: You will receive a Steam code at most within a day or two.
It will be sent to the email linked to the PayPal account unless you note otherwise!
Also, if you want your name in the credits and on the in game access cards, make sure to put it on the PayPal note!


  • $1- D-Class Supporter (Discord Role)

  • $5- Agent Supporter (Discord role, name in credits)

  • $10- Researcher Supporter (Discord role, name in credits)

  • $15.99- Researcher Supporter Owner (Discord role, and buys the full game before release)(Can get a BETA key before release to play immediately as it updates)

  • $20- Team Leader Supporter (Leader of your team Discord Role, copy of game and BETA access, name in credits)

  • $50- Overseer Supporter(Special discord role, add your published SCP in the game, all previous rewards)

  • $100- SCP Anomaly- (Special Discord Role, all previous rewards, secret perks)

Alternatively, you could just add on your Steam Wishlist to buy it later at full price.